Nakisaki Memorial Gospel Wellness Food Arts & Crafts Festival

Jamaica Cultural Alliance Announces First Annual Nakisaki Memorial Gospel Wellness Food Arts & Crafts Festival to Benefit Cancer, Heart and Autism Research to be Held at Eisenhower Park on Saturday, September 15th. Gates open 12 noon.


Mineola, NY – With some of the best Healthcare Service Providers and Educational Institutions in the USA, Nassau County is well positioned to usher in the new era of community oriented events designed to promote the health and wellness of all people across communities, cities and cultures in New York State. It all starts here at our Harry Chapin Lakeside Amphitheater in Eisenhower Park, with the 1st Annual Nakisaki Memorial Gospel Wellness, Food, Arts & Crafts Festival.

 This festival will be produced by JAM ROC Productions and the Jamaica Cultural Alliance in association with the Nassau County Parks Recreation and Museums. The Festival will commemorate the life of Earl Michael Roy Lyn, Sr. and those who have suffered at the hands of the dreaded diseases of cancer, heart disease and autism. Mr. Lyn was a visionary who brought Nakisaki Restaurant to the Village of Hempstead to be a part of Hempstead’s revitalization over 25 years ago!

Earl Michael Roy Lyn Sr. battled in the last 5 years of his life with heart disease.

He also had a triple bypass heart operation, cancer and its many complications. He eventually succumbed to heart failure. The festival is a celebration of his life, his family’s determination as well as the perseverance of all those suffering from these dreaded diseases.

 This festival is a unique collaboration of some of the members of the Health, Faith based and Creative Communities of Nassau County coming together for a great humanitarian cause, supporting the research to curtail and eventually eradicate Cancer, Heart Disease and Autism and their disastrous effects on our friends, families and members of various faiths within our county. 

 The festival is a fundraiser with donations going towards research for cures and treatments of cancer, heart disease and autism directed to organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, The United Cerebral Palsy and the March of Dimes. It is a family-oriented event which will feature a wide array of music, food, arts & crafts, along with displays from various vendors with a Kidz Zone where they will have free face painting, balloons, giveaways, a telescope display of the universe sponsored by NASA and Hofstra University, in addition to a spectacular colorful kite display for all to enjoy.

 There will be a specific VIP area designated for those families and children housed in various homeless shelters on Long Island. We will be distributing 700 free tickets for their attendance. Outside of enjoying the opportunity for a Saturday in Eisenhower Park, and a host of free screenings for eye, dental, blood pressure etc. in the Health Pavilion, there will also be BBQ and other items specifically for them.

 This year’s impressive lineup will feature Timothy Wright Memorial Choir, Glenda Adams, Jeff Roberson and NU LIFE, Bishop Albert Jamison and the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA), Nathan Ironside, Pastor John Gravagna, Dr. David Gates, Bishop Norman Lyons, Dr. Regina Williams, Rev. Seretta McKnight, the Adlib Steel Orchestra, The Powerhouse Upper Room Band and Singers, The St. Johns University Voices of Victory Choir, Tina Baker and Refuge Temple Choir, a puppet and ventriloquist show along with a short play, praise dancers and many others.

 The festival is sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank, Health Plus, Long Island Jewish Hospital, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, United Cerebral Palsy, March of Dimes, IPOV Agency, the Stirring, Go Connect Church, LIG Music, Western Union, Big Brothers & Big Sisters; Women in Ministry State of New York (WIMSNY); Sisters in The Struggle,, Streets of New York 411, among others. Outside of enjoying the opportunity for a Saturday in Eisenhower Park, there will be a Health Pavilion with a host of free screenings for eye, dental, blood pressure, mammograms, BMI, blood pressure, blood sugar etc. for those children as well as adults in attendance.


For Vending and Sponsorship opportunities call: 347-526-3501 or Email:


For more information, please contact the Jamaica Cultural Alliance: 516-238-1217.

Or Email:


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