The Raw/Cooked series of work by under-the-radar Brooklyn artists continues with an exhibition of four site-specific sculptures created by Marela Zacarias. The Gowanus-based artist was inspired by the Williamsburg Murals, also on display at the Brooklyn Museum.

Zacarias, whose work combines painting and sculpture, titled the exhibition ‘Supple Beat’. It draws on the concept of resilience implied by the Williamsburg Murals and explores the idea of bouncing back from adversity, relating to the history of the public housing project for which the murals were commissioned. Zacarias’s large-scale wall sculpture are constructed from window scenes and joint compound and painted with original patterns based on the unique color palettes and abstract forms of the murals. Displayed in the first-floor lobby and the Great Hall, the works appear to be climbing the walls like murals come to life, escaping their confinement.

The Williamsbrg Murals were created by American abstractionists IIya Bolotowsky, Balcomb Greene, Paul Kelpe, and Albert Swinden and were commissioned in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration/Federal Art Project for the basement community rooms of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Houses. They have been on long-term loan from the New York City Housing Authority since 1990.

To recognize Brooklyn’s vibrant creative community and to provide a showcase for the work being produced, the Brooklyn Museum, with support from Bloomberg, presents four exhibitions by the borough’s emerging artists in the second season of Raw/Cooked. Each participant was recommended for inclusion by an advisory board of established Brooklyn artists. Zacarias was recommended by Paul Ramirez Jonas. Eugenie Tsai, the Brooklyn Museum’s John and Barbara Vogelstein Curator of Contemporary Art, made the final selection.

Sponsored by: BLOOMBERG


200 Eastern Pkwy

Brooklyn NY11238

Info: 718-638-5000





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