The second season of the Raw/Cooked series of exhibitions by under-the-radar Brooklyn Artists concludes with a project by Sunset Park-based Caitlin Cherry. Her exhibition, entitled Hero Safe, refers to a military term for preventing the accidental detonation of explosives. It consists of three installations, each of which includes a large wood structure, modeled on one of Leonardo da Vinci’s war machines, that appears poised to launch a painting by Cherry into space. Two of the installations are positioned in the Contemporary Art Galleries, overlooking the Beaux-Arts Court below and apparently aimed at the chandelier. The third is situated within the brick arcade in the RUBIN Lobby.
To recognize Brooklyn’s vibrant creative community and to provide a showcase for the work of its artists, the Brooklyn Museum, with the support from Bloomberg, has presented nine exhibitions by the borough’s emerging artists in the Raw/Cooked series.
Each Participant was recommended for inclusion by an advisory board of established Brooklyn artists. Cherry was recommended by Michael Joo, Eugenie Tsai, the Brooklyn Museum’s John and Barbara Vogelstein Curator of Contemporary Art, made the final selection.

200 Eastern Parkway, Bklyn NY 11238
Tel: 718-638-5000


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