In honor of the 51st Anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago’s independence, the finest in Brooklyn based Mas production takes the stage alongside the biggest artist in Soca music.
Veteran Section Leader, Costume Designer and Cultural Ambassador Desma Bidjou Adams of WideShut Entertainment will showcase two of her sections this Saturday on stage at Barclay Center for Socamania. These creations from her wildly popular section “Juicy” from Sesame Flyers Labor Day presentation Vogue were designed in collaboration with designing Daryl.
The audience attending the concert on Saturday August 30th will get an opportunity to see another recently launched section “Future” a section from “Freaks Mas Miami” presentation 10, which is designed by Desma Bidjou Adams. And here is another treat, Jr Kiddies King and Queen costumes from the band New Generation will also be showcased during Socamania which will feature Bunji Garlin, Fay Ann Lyons, Iwer George, Alison Hinds. Edwin Yearwood and other surprise acts.
Caribbean Massive…… Come out and Fete !

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