When was the last time you attended a great stage show? Just cast your mind back on the killer stage shows that we attended both as children and adults in Kingston at Carib, State and Regal theatres, and Montego Bay at the Palladium, those shows were a stark contrast to the shows of today. Back then artists gave their heart and soul to the audience, performing on stage until the sweat was running off their faces and down their backs. Back then when you attended a concert you experienced goose bumps, you laughed and you cried as these artist went through their repertoire of hits. It was normal to see artists collaborating on stage doing each other’s hits. At every point you were taken down memory lane as singer after singer dug deep in their reservoir of hits simply to please. When we reflect on the joy we had at those stage shows we often say with some regret “those were the days.” DEAR MOM FLYERThe good news is, that, many of those artists who gave us good times and great music are still actively performing and two of New York’s most experienced promoters, Earl “Jr Jam Roc” Lyn of Nakasaki and Jam Roc Night Club fame along with Junior Ewart of Ruff Stuff Band, have put together a showcase for Mother’s Day that has success written all over it. These two promoters have collaborated over the years to give Jamaican and Caribbean New Yorkers the time of their lives. Once again in what this writer considers to be a stroke of genius they have put together artists such as; Ken Boothe, Frankie Paul, Leroy Sibbles, Dobby Dobson, and Ed Robinson to take you down memory lane and bring you back again. When you think of these artists, these are some of the songs you fondly remember, “The Train is coming,” “Everything I Own” and “When I Fall in Love” from Ken Boothe. And from Dobby Dobson “Loving Pauper,” I’LL Walk Away from Love,” and “Sweet Dreams.” You’ll also remember “Book of Rules,” “Fatty Fatty,” and “Why Did you Leave” from Leroy Sibbles and from Ed Robinson comes “Knocking on Heavens Door” and “Cry no More.” And just for good measure, for those who have been away too long Khalilah Rose and Bigga Haitian will bring you up to speed and keep it moving. The Ruff Stuff band who are capable of doing a show all by themselves will be the band on the stand. The Ruff Stuff Band has backed almost every major artist coming out of Jamaica at one time or another. For Mother’s Day entertainment there can be no better line up of artists to create an atmosphere of respect, love and celebration of mothers. They bring the songs, the memories and the emotions that will make Mother’s Day May 10th 2014 unforgettable at the newly furnished Amazura Night Club. But your fun doesn’t end there; the production will also include a presentation honoring three of these icons for their outstanding work and performances over the years and what is billed as an exciting fashion show featuring fashions by Anthony Shea out of Jamaica and Margaret Persaud from Guyana, to keep mothers fully entertained and engaged for the evening. Then just to make sure you really have fun the shows MCs for the night will be Boogie Gee and the “King of Mix Up” himself- Ragga Shanti. DJ’s on hand will be Kriss Kapone and the Disco Kid. There will be a free raffle with your admission ticket, the prizes includes a flat screen TV, gift certificates from Sam’s Caribbean Marketplace and a family vacation for eight in Jamaica at Den Milo Villas in Mamee Bay Ocho Rios ( Airfare not included). But there’s more the promoters have expressed the sentiment that their production of “TO OUR DEAR MOTHERS WITH LOVE” should be affordable so, if I were you I’d pick up the phone and get as many of the $25.00 ticket deals I can. Sons and daughters take your moms! And moms, if they are not around take yourself, this is one show you don’t want to miss. For information call: 646-750-0045 #StreetsofNewYork411 #SONY411 #Reggae411


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