West Indian American Carnival Day Association is pleased to announce the talent search for its annual Youth Fest at the Brooklyn Museum. This event is one of the many Youth Engagement/Empowerment projects sponsored by WIADCA

 This is an open calling to all Singers, Spoken Word Artists, Steppers, Marching Bands, Drum lines, Choirs, Dance Groups and Rappers

10356343_533736156735764_6685663290214715430_nWIADCA Youth Fest is also a unique opportunity for aspiring painters, sculptures and young fashion designers to showcase their talent.

 Parents and Teachers of Teenagers who are interested in auditioning, must immediately email their Electronic Press Kit to: streetsofnewyork411@yahoo.com,

This program is part of the West Indian Day Carnival Association annual 5 Day Labor Day Weekend Festival at the Brooklyn Museum culminating with the Parade of the Bands on Eastern Parkway.

 Sponsorship opportunities available, this is a FREE event and we do need HELP !!!

Needed – Refreshments, Back to School Supplies, Media Partners, Banners, Flyers


Please express your support and email: streetsofnewyork411@yahoo.com


Date: Friday August 29th

Time: 10 AM to 3 PM.

Venue: Brooklyn Museum Parking Lot

Music by: Young Chow & Music Research Lab

Admission: FREE

For more information call: 718-467-1797

Email: wiadcainc@gmail.com


Produced by: WIADCA, Streets of New York 411 Inc in association with NYComing.com

Please share this information with your family and friends via all your social media sources.




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