-Young Steel Pan Players Vie for the Chance to Win Prizes and Bragging Rights at First Annual Competition –

Brooklyn, NY – (Saturday, August 23, 2014) – The Carlos Lezama Archives and Caribbean Cultural Center (CLACC-C) will host its’ 1st annual PanFest, a junior steel pan competition for some of the borough’s youngest steel band members at the CLACC-C grounds (St. John’s Place). CLACC-C  IMAGE

PanFest is just one component of the CLACC-C Children’s Festival, now in its’ fourth year.  The free annual festival highlights important health and wellness information for children and parents, as well as talent and artistry found in Caribbean culture.  Children enjoy clowns, music, games and food, and a little history too. The festival is held in front the landmark Brownstone Center & Museum at 1028 St. John’s Place, and extends the entire block, between Brooklyn and Kingston Avenue.

We want to ensure that the community and children who participate in the festival leave with a better understanding and appreciation of their culture,” Lezama-Clark, president of CLACC-C, stated. “PanFest gives the steel bands a chance to compete and perform for their peer group, which is exciting.”

The junior panists, many of whom have performed at other events in the city, will compete for a several prizes and a trophy. Steel bands slated to compete thus far include, C.A.S.Y.M., Pan Stars, Pan Harmony Steel, Rhythms Steel Orchestra, and Metro, with more to be added.  The Children’s Festival runs from 12-7pm; the PanFest competition begins at 4pm.


The Carlos Lezama Archives and Caribbean Cultural Center is aptly named after Carlos Lezama, the “godfather” of Brooklyn’s Caribbean Carnival. It was established in 2005 under the auspices of the University of the State of New York and is designed to promote and preserve Caribbean culture and history. Its mission – to educate communities regarding Caribbean heritage via the establishment of an institute devoted to research and development and to promote and preserve West Indian culture and history through an archive center.



What: PANFEST competition at the CLACC-C Children’s Festival
Date: Saturday, August 23, 2014
Where: 1028 St. John’s Place between Brooklyn and Kingston Ave. (extends entire block)
Time: Children’s Festival 12- 7pm. PanFest begins at 4pm.
Cost:This is a **FREE event!**


Media Contact:
Shavonn Doughlin

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