The West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIADCA’s), mission is to promote, develop and celebrate Caribbean culture, arts, history and traditions of the Islands through year-round programming.

 In keeping with the goals and objectives of this organization, the Junior Carnival was started about 30 years ago and the Stay in School component began some 25 years ago. Soon after, with the encouragement of then Senator Marty Markowitz, WIADCA started its College Scholarship Program and over the years with the assistance of a few Sponsors, WIADCA has awarded over 130 scholarships to date.

 WIADCA takes pride in grooming future generations to develop their talents and skills by providing opportunities to showcase themselves. One such avenue is WIADCA’s Stay in School Youth Fest Concert whose mission is to honor, celebrate and encourage the diverse artistic abilities of young performing artists in our communities throughout America and the Caribbean; the Youth Fest Concert stresses the need to stay in school in the pursuit of higher education. About five years ago, the modest concert evolved into a full-scale Youth Fest cultural concert that features the individual expressions of young people. The idea behind the free concert stems from the fact that as a community we must continue to exhort our youth into understanding the significance of education in our lives.

 In an age where the children of our community are constantly bombarded with images of instant gratification and the use of a technology that seeks to lessen the importance of education, The Stay in School Youth Fest Concert serves to remind us about the magnitude of our rich cultural heritage and its place in our lives. A cultural arts education has always been the mainstay of a community and as such the mission of the concert is to act as a powerful reminder to the youth of its meaning and how being rooted and grounded in it can lead to empowerment.

 From hip hop to Salsa, from marching bands to Tassa drums, from Spoken Word artists to theatre groups, from soca artists to vocal music soloists. This year’s Youth Fest will also speak to the issues of bullying, illegal drug use, guns and gang related violence that plague our communities. Gang violence accounts for nearly half of the crimes committed in our surrounding communities and we have witnessed the deaths of so many innocent bystanders over the years and the numbers continue to escalate in tremendous proportions. The concert will set the stage for the beginning of an ongoing dialogue relative to this issue amongst our youth and the community at large.

 The concert takes place on Friday, August 29, 2014, from 10 a.m. – 3:30 pm at The Brooklyn Museum’s Parking Lot, entrance on Washington Avenue and President Street.  Featured performances by Ingrid Griffith of Guyanese descent with her one woman play “Demerara Gold”, Kan Kobra Martial Arts Academy, Raizes do Brasil, Pureelements Dance Theatre, Medgar Evers College Prep School Performing Arts Dance Theater, Kaisokah MokoJumbies USA, Paul Gee, Desmond, Kahh Spence, Ashley August, Young Devyn and Dancers, Jules Legacy Dancers, Luxurious Vixens, Luxurious Juniors, Yours Truly Wesley and Willow, young fashion designers, Shani Francillion, Actress, Marching Band, Steelband and many more.


The event is FREE to the general public

Valerie McLeod-Katz Event Coordinator and assisted by Nia Taylor Benn of NYComing.


 For Information please contact WIADCA: 718-467-1797


 Music by DJ YOUNG CHOW & DJ Armani       

Performances by:

Ingrid Griffith and her one woman play “Demarara Gold”
Medgar Evers College Preparatory School Theatre Arts Program
Young Devyn and Dancers
Kalli Donald
Pure Elements Dance Company
Jules Legacy Dancers
Latihente Dance Company
Kan Kobra Martial Arts Company
Raizes do Brazil Capoeira company
Yours Truly Wesley & Willow
Shani Francillon
Kaisokah Moko Jumbies U.S.A.
Paul Gee
Kahh Spence
Ashley August
Nadia Benn
Steel Bands
Marching Bands


Media Contact:

Valerie McLeod-Katz
C: 347-405-2756


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