Book Release & Reviews: Love Changes by Eartha Watts-Hicks

LOVE CHANGES is winner of the Just R.E.A.D. Literary “Game Changers” Award in the fiction category from the NYCHA branch of the NAACP.LOVE CHANGES BOOK COVER

“Let me tell you I have not read such a well written book by a self-published author in a long time. I’m really enjoying this book.”
— Leona (Reader via Twitter)

“This was a good debut. It was well written and was full of twist, and don’t forget the drama. It had and me not liking one person and then liking them in the next chapter.”
— Papaya Sisters on Lit

“….Eartha Watts-Hicks puts some young women’s lives in perspective. It’s extremely well-written. Reading about the reality of what’s really happening in many young women’s lives is enlightening. Perhaps this novel can change a young woman’s path and allow her to see what a difference an education can make.”
— New York Amsterdam News

“Imagine my pleasure and surprise when I get to page 140 and saw me! Love Changes is wonderful, perfect for the beach! When I sit in the sun, I read.”
— Nikki Giovanni (via postcard from an island in the Caribbean)
I stepped through the double glass doors of the sky lounge into the moist heat outside and took a good look. Scattered clouds stretched through the evening sky like tulle. In the still wind, somehow all drifted southeast—all, except a dense plume looming above. My heels clicked with each step across the paved walkway, until I reached the stone fire pit at the other end. The sun was long gone, and there were no stars; the moon was nowhere to be seen. Even searching the clouds, I didn’t see any blurred circle of light or any portion of the moon, just darkness. Off in the distance as far as I could see, more darkness was closing in, making the flattened skyline of Queens resemble an industrial graveyard.
I took a deep breath, inhaling muggy air seasoned with salt from the East River. Then, I kicked my shoes off and knelt on top of the fire pit, hoisting myself up to get a better view over the concrete wall. My heart felt like it was twice as large; it was exploding out of my chest in heavy thumps that throbbed even more than my now rock-hard breasts. The porous concrete felt scratchy against my arms, but bracing myself, I peered all the way down. There were no obstructions. It would be a straight drop. I returned to my feet, picked up my pumps, and took a deep breath. Now, it was time to work up the nerve to do this.

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