January 12 2015 New York

Hello to the Mighty Sparrow Family and Calypso lovers worldwide!

On Thursday February 12th 2015 (Carnival Thursday Nite) in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, The Rte Honorable Dr. Slinger “The Mighty Sparrow” Francisco, ORTT, Ph. D, the Supreme Calypso King of The World, would officially be celebrating his 60th, Anniversary in the Calypso Arena, at the 5 Stars Lumiere Restaurant, Lounge & Grill, located at 12 Herbert Street, in Newtown, POS opposite the Australian High Commission’s Office (Gray & Tragarite Road Woodbrook)

According to Soca Wear Calypso Beat International, the producers/presenters of this event titled “AN EVENING UNDER THE STARS WITH THE KING” it’s to continue to show true recognition of an ICON who has singly handily demonstrated that he is the true power house in the Calypso music Industry for over 60 years on his legs, promoting T & T style Carnivals to the regions and Internationally, such as, Nottinghill Carnival in London, Caribbean in Toronto and Brooklyn Labor Day Carnival, through his Calypsos’ that were incorporated by, Steel bands, Brass bands, Fete promoters  and more importantly promoting his love for his fans and The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. 

Come out and enjoy an evening with the greatest Calypso performer in the world, that is still going strong and have the powers to command his audience with your favorite songs, backed by, America’s # 1 Calypso band, The Sunshine Troubadours, his touring band for over 25 years, led by Don “Shines” Diaz soon of the legendary Cyril Diaz. Also on the lineup? Pelham Goddard & Roots (Charlie’s Roots) Mr. Dane Gulston, the most exciting steel pan player in the world. The original town man, Sylvester “Poser” Lockhart, Colin “I Doing Me” Jackman and many more to be added.

So Ducia Gumbs, Michael Babwar, Boodoo Ali, Hawkins, E. Wilkinson, Haydn Kraig Mooklal, Shawn Randoo and all the other Calypso loving fans of the Mighty Sparrow from foreign! Doh mind the price eh, which come with food and drinks, courtesy Soca Wear Calypso Neat International and the Management, thus making history with the Birdy, as he is lovingly called by his friends, to celebrate with him, 60 years in the Calypso arena. Entry at 7PM Show time 8:30 PM!

Special thanks to the Ministry of Arts & Multiculturalism, headed by, The Honorable Dr. Lincoln Douglas, MP who took the bold step to create a museum for the Mighty Sparrow to display 60 years of his works, so that the local and International public can witness a feat, that no other Calypso artist has accomplished.

868-222-5610/494-1753/MJ USERS: 347-674-9547 

Who say so? Is Bodell say so! which is the next agenda.           


The Society of Cultural Artists Working Endlessly to Attain Respect™ (SWCBI)

15 Baroda St. St. James. Port of Spain, Trinidad. Republic of Trinidad & Tobago


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