The Brooklyn United Marching Band is a community-based organization that serves New York City youth. The Marching band is group consisting of instrumental musicians, baton twirlers and gymnasts performing for the purpose of entertainment, exercise, parades or competition. BU MARCHING BAND LOGO It is an art form which originated in 1842 that combines the discipline of musicianship, military drill and elements of pageantry allowing each student to participate in an all-encompassing and life changing activity. Brooklyn United is focused on the development of youth through Academic Support, Character Development, Skills Building and Performance Opportunities. It is through these pillars that we strive to build strong, well rounded, healthy, confident and capable young people. The mission is to provide inner city youth between the ages 5 to 21 years with a positive marching band experience.
The vision of this organization is to build outstanding citizens and prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders while affording exceptional opportunities to learn and create lifelong memories.

For more information please call: 347-264-4069
For Performance Request – please fill out link below:
Follow the conversation and engage with “Brooklyn United Marching Band” on social media using Hashtags: #BKunitedMB
Find Out More About BKunitedMB Online:


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