Gospel Seafood Brunch

At Trelawni Place Seafood and Grill
1440 Utica Av. Corner of Farragut Rd. Bklyn NY
Sunday February 8th
Hosted By Jean: Jean Tropical Reflection
11 AM To 4PM
Specially Created Entrees:
• Sauteed Ackee & Saltfish with Choice of One Side.
• Sauteed Saltfish with Choice of Two Sides.
• Trelawni Style Stuffed Omlette with Choices of Shrimp, Ackee, Saltfish, Spinach & Cheese, or Ham & Cheese.
• Trelawni Seafood Quiche with Fries & Greens.
• Pan Seared Salmon with Cous Cous.
• Bass and Bacon Casserole with French Styled Fries.
• Steak and Eggs with French Styled Fries.
• Waffles and Crispy Fried Tilapia or Buttermilk Fried Chicken.
• Banana Bread French Toast with Fried Shrimps.
Unlimitted Coffee, Tea and Juice $29.99
Unlimitted Mimosas and Sangria $ $34.99
Ambient Music programmed by:
TMRL – Music Research Lab
17% Gratuity Added for Tables of Four
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