NEW YORK – Tyler Perry’s “Madea on the Run” will begin a 2nd season tour starting September 3, 2015 at the Beacon Theatre. Fans have waited patiently for their favorite theater personality to return to the intimate stage LIVE and in person. Perry, a talented and gifted playwright in urban theater has crafted yet another showcase of humorous and life-changing point-of-views on stage.
Tyler Perry’s “Madea on the Run” says it all in the title. Madea, the age-old brash matriarch is in trouble (again) with the local authorities. She takes refuge with the long-time friend Bam who is recovering from hip surgery. Whereas Madea is only pretending to be a “Florence Nightingale” to Bam, she is actually using Bam’s place to hide from the authorities. Intriguing lessons are learned and taught and will leave you spell-bounded in deep thoughts! And of course, there is always an element of surprise! The singing well – it soars off the charts. What’s next….stay tuned.
Tyler Perry stars in this limited scheduled 10-week run as “Madea”. Joining him is the fan-favorite Cassi Davis as “Aunt Bam”. Cassi has been seen in several productions, (stage, TV and film) in the Tyler Perry collection. She is most popular as “Ella” in the TV sitcom “House of Payne”.
Tickets are NOW ON SALE at the Beacon Theatre Box Office and all Ticketmaster locations. Online at MSG Entertainment and beacontheatre.com. You can call 866-858-0008 or http://www.tylerperry.com
Don’t miss what everyone is talking and laughing about these days! Get your tickets today for what is becoming a rare experience….Madea on stage! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW for this limited engagement, an up close and personal experience with MADEA!



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