Looking to buy a home? Our team will reduce the worry and anxiety of the home shopping process & increase the possibilities.


As Your Home Buyer Representatives We will perform the following duties:

Guide You through the entire home buying process and provide necessary and timely information that reduces your anxiety.

Assist You in getting pre-qualified, locating mortgage lenders and obtaining financing.

Assist You to create a “Wish List” which determines the size and configuration of a home best suited to your family’s needs.

Research the residential housing inventory, examine and evaluate prospective properties for your consideration.

Integrate the information available on various real estate websites into a useful, easy-to-understand format.

Preview specific homes that match your “Wish List” while you at work, saving you time and money’

Balance offers and counteroffers and subsequently negotiate the final purchase price with sellers.

Arrange and attend the home inspection and help You analyze the report.

Arrange and attend the home appraisal

We are your Project Manager making certain that everyone involved in the home purchase transaction is completing their tasks in a timely manner and resolving any issue that may occur that will delay you getting the keys to your home.



Brooklyn Board of Realtors

Long Island Multiple Listing Services.

New York State Association of Realtors.

National Association of Realtors


For A Free Consultation Email: NYRealty411@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.NYRealty411.com



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