As a former Elder in the Presbyterian faith, Fred serves his community as a Board Member of the Brooklyn Council of Churches and as a local community volunteer serving the poor.

Although married twice, Fred Nurse has been celebrating the covenant of marriage for over 46 years – having six adult children and nine grandchildren. He worships in Brooklyn, N.Y and is a graduate of Hofstra University – School of Business.

Fred was motivated to publish his books because of the startling number of couples who have abandoned the marital covenant. The wonderfulness of marriage is oftentimes not very clear to young couples. Wanting to help couples avoid mistakes, the book series was written. The start point is to know with certainty that you have the right partner. Secondly, understanding and applying the principles for nurturing a good relationship and lastly, coping with the final fall of the gavel which terminates the weltered flowers of love; is covered. The avenues from start to conclusion are vividly addressed in this exciting book collection of easy to read thought provoking material.


The series is a must for those who perform marriage counseling.


How Do You Know It’s Love

Why do you love your partner? The answer you both find in this question will bring you to a higher level of understanding and compatibility. “How Do You Know It’s Love,” is a working guide designed to help couples strengthen the love they have found in one another.


How To Find True Love In Seven Easy Steps

Finding the right lover is not like finding a needle in a haystack; it is more like finding the correct needle in a pincushion. I was constantly asking myself how many times I had to be stuck before the string would thread through the eye. This is not an easy journey. You may have had some near misses. However if you are diligent and follow this plan, Mr. or Ms. Right will soon be knocking on your door..  


Coping With Separation And Divorce.

Where might you have gone wrong? Was it something you said or did that triggered this? Do you love this person enough to forgo your pride and admit wrong or forgive them of their wrongs?

“Coping With Separation And Divorce,” this material will help to uncover the reasons why your relationship is/has collapsed and handling the fall out. The information is essential for those facing this crisis, as it will open your eyes to the reality of what faces you and how best to cope with what lies ahead.


The books are available from and can be purchased in soft bound cover or downloaded onto your Kindle devices.


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How To Find True Love In Seven Easy Steps

How Do You Know It’s Love

Coping With Separation And Divorce.


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