The Board of Directors of Coalition to Preserve Reggae Music (CPR) has announced that Reggae Culture Salute 2018 (RCS) will be a “Festival of Indie Artists.” According Carlyle McKetty, president of CPR, this year’s event will be staged at the popular Milk River located at 960 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, on Saturday, November 3rd.

The family friendly event will mark the 88th anniversary of the coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia and Empress Menen and also celebrate the unique relationship between, Rasta, Reggae, Emperor Selassie and Jamaica. This year’s event will feature a tribute to the late, great Peter Tosh in addition to a stellar line up of independent artists, many of whom call Brooklyn home.

Headlining RCS 2018 is the legendary Johnny “Godfather of Dancehall” Osbourne, whose musical hits span more than four decades. Johnny Osbourne says he is “feeling honored to perform at this cultural event” and although he lives in Brooklyn, he rarely performs in Brooklyn or even in the United States. Osbourne, who has attended several stagings of RCS says his performance at this event will give his many fans, “a chance to see that old soldiers never die.”

RCS will honor the dynamic New Kingston with the Simba Award for their innovations in pursuing an independent career course. Comprised of ace bass guitarist Courtney Panton and his Brooklyn native sons, their appearance at RCS is highly anticipated. Another Brooklyn resident performing at RCS 2018 is Menny More who says he is “pretty excited to be performing on this huge show.” He says, “Not only are we celebrating the coronation of the King, but we are doing our part to prevent this music from becoming extinct.” Adding to those sentiments is spoken word artist, Ngoma who says, “Reggae is the heartbeat and I’m looking forward to bringing that word/sound power to Reggae Culture Salute 2018.” Marvin Burke of Epic Order, a recently formed ensemble, says his group is “grateful for this opportunity to spread our message of love on a platform that is intended to preserve Reggae Music.”

CPR’s Carlyle McKetty says, “We’re excited to be presenting this stellar lineup of New York based indie artists doing great work and look forward to outstanding performances.” Due to the family friendly nature of the event, doors are at 7pm and showtime is 9pm. Parents are encouraged to bring their children for a royal celebration that opens with Nyahbinghi drumming and African dancing.

Reggae Culture Salute attracts an intergenerational and diverse audience of reggae lovers who come together each year to celebrate roots reggae music in an authentic community vibe.

The event is made possible by sponsorship support from Brooklyn Arts Council, Dennis Shipping, VP Records and Fountain Pimento Oil.

For information on Reggae Culture Salute call 718 421 6927. Tickets are $25 in advance and children 12 and under are FREE; VIP tickets are $50 and includes a meet and greet with the artists. Please visit eventbrite.com to purchase tickets or call 718-421-6927.

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